Sadar Bazar: One-stop market for all

- September 22, 2022
| By : Aaryan Sadija |

Asia’s largest wholesale market, Sadar Bazar, attracts not just shopkeepers buying stocks for their retail outlets but bargain-hunters from around the country

Every flower blooms at its own pace

As the festive season begins, retailers and householders of Delhi and neighbouring states head for Sadar Bazar. Jampacked and buzzing with activity, this is where lakhs of transactions take place every day. All year round, it seems as if a mela is going on. Whether you want household goods or costume jewellery, toys or stationery, shoes or garments, it is all there for the asking at very low prices. 

Delhi’s favourite shopping destination is also a grey market: counterfeit products are sold openly bearing the trademarks and tags of reputed companies. Personal care products and cosmetics with names very similar to established brands are also found here as are makeup kits from China, Taiwan and Korea, the newest craze in India

The bazaar is also something of a plastic paradise, as you get buckets, dustbins, toothbrushes, containers and lunch-boxes for school students. Then there is kitchenware like gas stoves, mixer-grinders and  ice trays. This list is endless! 

Impulse buying is quite a temptation here as the shopper picks up things she never knew she needed, like torches, electronic games and gift items made in China, whose imports are now banned but still available from old stock. 

There’s a method in the madness that greets the eye as soon as you enter Sadar Bazar 

Bangles, an Integral part of culture, are available in dazzling variety

The range of cosmetics is mind-boggling

Toys are a great attraction for children here

Accessories for home decor are much in demand in the runup to Diwali

Mangalsutras and other artificial jewellery on display

Religious items and sculptures for your home and offices

View from the top of a building in Sadar Bazar