Satish Kaushik

Mohd Shehwaaz Khan -March 9, 2023

Kaushik was an alumnus of the National School of Drama and Film and Television Institute of India and started his career in theater


MURTAZA ALI KHAN -August 10, 2022

Indian cinema plays a big part in helping Indians imagine themselves as an entity bound together with a common culture. Though themes and tastes have changed, there is no doubt that our films are larger than life and aspirational, showing us what we want to be rather than who we really are


MURTAZA ALI KHAN -July 19, 2021

Screenwriter Imteyaz Hussain speaks about his latest project, Satish Kaushik directorial Kagaaz   Starting his career in theatre as a playwright and director, Imteyaz Hussain has gone on to become one of the most prominent screenwriters in Hindi cinema with titles like Parinda (1989), Dil Aashna Hai (1992), Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin (1996), Ghulam-E-Musthafa […]