-January 15, 2021

Economic vulnerability and social acceptance has led not just to the prevalence but also made combating the practice of bonded labour difficult in areas of Madhya Pradesh  Last year on 6 November, a heart-wrenching incident took place in the Uakavad khurd village under Bamori police station of Madhya Pradesh. A 28-year-old man Vijay Sahariya was […]


-August 9, 2018

One man, and three cases of leading people into slavery. one of the reasons why a strong antitrafficking law is essential for the vulnerable The importance of a strong anti-trafficking law can be seen with the recent case of rescued bonded labourers. The recruiter, Ashok Reddy, is a serial offender, with two pending trials against […]


-May 20, 2018

They have been freed from bondage but the administration is in no hurry to give them the release certificates that would free them of debt and get them back on their feet There are approximately 18 million people in India living and working without freedom of movement, abused, and on miserably low wage. The 81 […]