Patriot Bureau -July 10, 2023

This event will take place on July 20, 2023, at 6 pm at CD Deshmukh Auditorium IIC New Delhi


Anand Vardhan -May 10, 2018

Film-makers seem to have fallen out of love with Mumbai, the city in which they live and work. No ode has been sung to ‘Bambai’ in the last two decades As home to Hindi film industry, Mumbai has hogged the space as backdrop of many films.The romanticisation of the city and various stereotypes that it […]


Anand Vardhan -April 6, 2018

The Hindi film industry has produced very few songs for this season, compared to the other three seasons. Perhaps love is scorched by the tropical sun While literary scholars can argue what T S Eliot actually meant when he called April the cruellest month, it rings true for India. It’s not always about what April […]