PTI -March 1, 2022

Earlier, the zoo had reopened for visitors on August 1, more than two months after it was shut due to a rise in the number of Covid cases during the second wave of the pandemic. The zoo was closed for the public on January 4 and the online ticket booking link on its website was […]


Sashikala VP -August 11, 2021

An ageing Himalayan bear in the zoo was let out after three years in confinement    After over three years of being left inside a cage, an ageing Himalayan black bear in the Delhi Zoo could be out in the sun to a special enclosure made for it, called a kraal. The 35-year-old female bear […]


Sashikala VP -May 3, 2018

They may be kings of the jungle but bred in captivity in the Delhi zoo, white tigers are reduced to a mere curiosity — and their quality of life greatly compromised July 21, a warm summer day in 2007, Yamuna gave birth to Vijay. Yamuna is from Delhi — her union arranged like many others […]