Sculpting realities

The sculptures on display at the exhibition, Earth Diaries, highlight the degrading environmental state of the earth

The first look at Vipul Kumar’s sculptures takes you to an apocalyptic scene — a place pointing to an impending destruction, which is a result of human actions. These sculptures are on display at an exhibition in Threshold Art Gallery.

Titled Earth Diaries, artist Vipul Kumar’s sculptures are inspired by the environment. His works highlight the threat of global warming, which is a looming fear because of massive deforestation. He uses rough and unconventional art forms to voice these contemporary concerns.

Kumar attempts to initiate a conversation about the threats to the environment through his works — like the skeletal sculptures that are metaphorical. “My work is essentially about deconstructing traditional ceramic practices, so I create rough and unconventional forms because I am looking at contemporary reality. If nature is disappearing, what will be left of man?” says Kumar.

He is concerned about the rampant exploitation of resources and fears that the next generation might not forgive us. One of his works, named Nature’s Signature, drives home the point that in the absence of nature, the identity of humans will also be lost.

All the sculptures are made with ceramic — both porcelain and stoneware. “I rely on chemistry, alchemy and an element of hazard and risk, in case of both porcelain and clay. With my porcelain works, I have to be wary of its sensitive structure as porcelain is very brittle,” adds Kumar. The exhibition also displays a mural inspired by the satellite images of earth.

Currently living in Jaipur, Kumar completed his BFA and MFA in Sculpture from Banaras Hindu University (Varanasi). Aesthetically, his works combine his knowledge as a stone carver in black marble and his recent encounter with ceramics. Championing the cause of environmental conservation, Kumar feels it’s his responsibility as an artist to raise awareness through his works. “We are humans and we should keep humanity in mind to survive well on this planet,” he concludes.

So, drop in at this exhibition to get a glimpse of the destruction the world is heading towards. The works are on display till October 20.

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