Many faces of truth

ByProma Chakraborty

Jul 12, 2019

Works of both veteran and upcoming artists come together in this exhibition devoted to Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy which will be shown in Jerusalem in October

‘For Heaven’s Sake’ — the fourth edition of the Jerusalem Biennale will be thematically based on this phrase. As a precursor to that show in October this year, a collection of artworks is on display at the Capital titled ‘Experiments with Truth’.

The exhibition presents works by some of the finest Indian artists —  some most acclaimed, and some promising young talents. It puts together a confluence of ideas and ideals with references to a global society. The works depict a man’s experiment with truth, and in the larger context of the Biennale, his eternal striving for God.

“In essence what the Biennale talks about is that any argument or any thought process, if is  intended for heaven’s sake, i.e, if the motivation is right, the action itself becomes right. Similarly, Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘Experiments with Truth’ involves deep, ruthless introspection to ensure that the mind’s innermost journey is in complete consonance with realisation of oneness of self with God and the universe. So that, with this right relationship with the heavens as the enduring motivation, right social conduct is a natural outcome,” says Gargi Seth, the curator of the exhibition.

Featuring 29 works in total, it features both fresh works as well as works that have already been shown before. However, each one has been carefully selected to be in line with the sentiment of the exhibition.

“As implied in the theme of biennale, some of man’s most intimate self-experiences are those in conversation with the ultimate reality. With this in mind we selected works with a lot of deliberate openness of approach. We wanted to pick up works which are experimenting with human conditions and his relationship with society, self-identity, gender, and God. Experiments with truth of all nature but with an undercurrent of inner self which is the most binding thread,” Seth explains.

According to Seth, the exhibition couldn’t have been curated at a better time. “In the year when India celebrates 150th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, it is only appropriate that we rediscover his inspirational approach to the pursuit of truth. Over the leap of generations, Gandhi’s ideals withstand the testimony of time, becoming even more relevant for the truth seekers of today.”

The exhibition brings together works of 17 artists with the likes of Satish Gujral, Anjolie Ela Menon, Rini Dhumal , Arpana Caur, Neeraj Gupta and Seema Kohli among others.

The exhibition will be displaced at Triveni Kala Sangam till July 21