Events of the Week

ByProma Chakraborty

Jul 10, 2020

In retrospect

What: Focussing on the history of exhibitions of the last 10 years, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art has made accessible to a global audience some of the early exhibitions, by revisiting and retro-fitting it for a virtual experience. Titled Visions of Interiority’ by Rameshwar Broota, the project refrains from becoming a simple walkthrough of the past exhibition. Instead it interweaves fresh juxtapositions of visuals, insertions of texts and an abbreviated narrative that hints at various encounters of the human body vis-a-vis natural and urban industrial environments. KNMA felt it pertinent to re-present the retrospective of Rameshwar Broota, ‘that would bring to the global /digital/virtual audiences, the overbearing emphasis in Broota on the human body and its predicament. One can watch Broota’s early experimental films, zoom in and get a closer look at his iconic paintings in the Viewing Room and hear the artist speak about his technique on the official website of KNMA.

Talking global

What: Themed #BeTheRevival, the India Global Week 2020 will be organised over the course of three days. Attendees of the virtual event will deliberate and discuss the business, strategic and cultural opportunities that India is presented with as it looks to take its position on the global stage. Organised by India Inc. Group – the UK headquartered media house – the three-day online webinar will include sessions on geopolitics, business, arts and culture, emerging technologies, banking and finance, pharma, defence and security, social impact and the Indian diaspora. The event will also feature high-powered country sessions on Australia, Japan, Singapore, the United States and the United Kingdom.

When: July 9 -11

Film festival

What:  Delhi theatre artistes Sabina Mehta Jaitly, Sohaila Kapur, Sunit Tandon, Charu Shankar, Ankur Sabharwal, Neeraj Yadav and Pallavi Batra revisit the plays of the pioneer, Mohan Rakesh of the Nai Kahani literary movement of Hindi literature in the 1950s. This is being done by a dramatised reading of excerpts from his plays Aashadh Ka Ek Din (1958), Aadhe Adhure (1969) and Lahron Ke Rajhans (1963). Presented by the Readers’ Company, one can watch it on YouTube.