• September 29, 2020 12:02 am

Reporting From Delhi

Events of the week

ByProma Chakraborty

Aug 7, 2020

Untold stories

What: Supporting younger artists in these grievous times of a global pandemic, Vadehra art Gallery presents an online exhibition of new works by Shrimanti Saha titled ‘Fire in the Greenhouse and Other Stories’. A combination of expressive dreams, literary narratives and visceral characters blend to create dystopian landscapes in Saha’s paintings, which tread the fine line between myth and reality as told through a variety of contexts and inspirations. Her unique approach leads to the creation of multi-faceted and layered story structures or narrative assemblages, which can also be read as personal mythology, alternative history or as a collection of untold stories. The textuality of Saha’s paintings are at once evocative and instructional, often feeling reminiscent of a frontispiece. In this latest body of work, Saha explores a common thread of evident references to ecology, feminism and human-animal relationships with the intention to create a set of stories leading to the timely creation of dystopian landscapes or a fictional civilisation.

When: August 4 – October 4

Remembering Sam

What: In 2003, the Unesco Parzor Project produced, ‘In War and Peace – The Life of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, MC’, a documentary on the life of India’s first Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw. Directed by Jessica Gupta, the film travels back in time through Sam’s rich and unique life through a conversation with his grandson Jehan, making the past come alive. The 60 minutes film in English revisits a part of history that many of today’s generation know very little about. It is a tale of heroism, bravery, honesty, wit and much more.

When: August 3 – 9

Where: Website of India International Centre

Lovely litfest

What: To create a spark and to unleash a dose of creativity, Pentaomnia, the student chapter of Lovely Professional University Jalandhar, Punjab in association with Champ Readers Association has organised India’s first Online E Literature Festival 2020. The festival will involve authors and writers of different genres to share their work and ideas about literature through book talks, panel discussions and readers interactive sessions throughout the event. The key motto of the event will be to inspire reading culture and to provoke aspiring authors. Event on a day starts on Google meet at a stipulated time that will be informed beforehand to the viewers. Non-registered participants can enjoy the flavour of this beautiful event on social media.

When: August 1- 31