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Engaging initiative

What: PRAF Participatory an initiative by Prameya Art Foundation is back with its third edition. The initiative invites international artists to develop a project with the participation of emerging artists and scholars in India exploring the possibilities of meaningful, intimate, and informal exchanges. As part of its intent to supplement conventional pedagogy, this initiative asks: What can we learn from each other when we think together? This edition curated by Anushka Rajendran, invites Bracha L. Ettinger, to work with a small group of artists, feminists, psychoanalysts and academics to read, discuss and make artwork together through a series of interactive online interactions spread over three weeks. During these sessions, a selection of texts by Ettinger on her path to breaking feminist theoretical work focused on the ‘Matrixial Borderspace’ will be discussed, encouraging responses from the participants in writing, drawing, and translations of excerpts from the original text in other languages. These responses and excerpts from Bracha L. Ettinger’s writing will be collaborated to form a publication that will be released by PRAF and Institut Francais in 2021 accompanying an exhibition of her works.  

When: 6 – 18 January 

Where: Prameya Art Foundation, Defence Colony


Cultural centre

What: Bringing together the most innovative minds in the world to develop creative solutions for a proposed world-class arts facility in the National Capital Region covering performing, visual, culinary, here’s Confluence Ideathon 2021. Put together by Serendipity Arts Foundation it is an open call competition and ‘arts hackathon’ that addresses problems related to the creation of a cultural centre. Announcing the launch of their open call Confluence Ideathon 2021 will begin accepting submissions from the 13 – 28 January 2021. 

The ideas will have to address the challenges of building a large, multi-purpose, urban cultural centre addressing the needs of tomorrow in cognizance with these problem areas, statements have been developed, identified and divided into 5 categories, such as art x technology, art x environment, art x social behaviour, art x design for the future, and art x business model.

Where: Website of Confluence Ideathon


Back in action

What: After almost nine months of closure due to the pandemic and escalating number of Covid-19 cases, KNMA is reopening its doors to welcome the public in smaller numbers to enjoy exhibitions and their favourite artworks in a stress-free setting. With three visiting slots available every day, between 11 am to 5 pm, for 12 visitors only, advance booking for all visitors is mandatory. KNMA is planning the reopening in phases, this is the first phase starting from 5 January to 15 February 2021, after which another assessment will be made. The museum is following safety guidelines and regulations laid out by the government and civic bodies.

Where: Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, Saket


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