Art from the ‘fantastic four’  

Experimenter gallery’s solo exhibitions, aptly titled ‘Four Positions’, feature works by different artists bringing together the concepts of philosophy, science, space, light, and more    

Presenting four solo exhibitions that open simultaneously, Experimenter gallery is back with its group show titled ‘Four positions’. It features individual shows of Ayesha Sultana, Julien Segard, Krishna Reddy and Rathin Barman.

Titled ‘In Search of Simultaneity’, artist Krishna Reddy’s practice unbound by the unyielding parameters of science, truly perfected a simultaneous balance between technique, philosophy and vision. His seven-decade long practice has been in several ways a quest in simultaneity not only in pursuit of form, medium and technique but also in expanding philosophy and in ways of seeing. This solo project presents Reddy’s exceptionally multi-dimensional and layered artistic oeuvre as a way of life that incorporated a daily immersion in drawing, printmaking and sculpture.

On the other hand, although space and form are central to Ayesha Sultana’s practice, the works in the project by Sultana anchor themselves in pulse, and this explains her title ‘Pulse’. In medicine, a pulse represents the tactile measurement of the cardiac cycle which is inherently repetitive in nature; yet outside the constricting definitions of medicine, a pulse occupies space, time and form, and the only property that carries forward from its primeval definition is repetition.

Repetition is fundamental to Sultana, whether in mark-making, folding or expanding and becomes an embodied experience. A range of mediums and materials also co-exist in the presentation. Gouache drawings that decipher sonic readings; sculptures in brass and wood that represent a three-dimensional form that falling liquids may have.

Rathin Barman’s work on display

For Julien Segard’s project titled ‘Dark Was The Night’ all the colours of darkness and paradox in its myriad manifestations is central. In the layered folds of the work, lies the betrayal of darkness disguised as light, where what is apparent is equally akin to what is not. The work, installed in folds like a curtain, questions the paradoxical nature of lightness and weight, inside and outside, private and public.

Through a series of sculptures that employ materials such as concrete, metal, reinforced concrete board and brass, artist Rathin Barman carves a space between the physical, narrative and aspirational in his project. Titled ‘Dimensional Distortion’, Barman’s project functions like an open loop almost akin to a spiral – conceptually, visually and materially.

The exhibition can be viewed at Experimenter and its Instagram account till September 30

(Cover: Krishna Reddy’s ‘In Search of Simultaneity’)

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