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Personal touch

What: Artist Faiza Hasan’s solo debut ‘Dear M’ is a meditation on the nature of remembrance-the half complete, particular moments and familiar objects that constitute a personal self and history. Hasan’s embroidery and drawings render specific memorabilia-personal items, family mementos and other items that form the record of a fragile and particular past. These works, done in charcoal and sometimes refurbished with gold, depict family photographs that were nearly discarded, documents that no longer hold value and a talisman from her great-grandmother. They explore themes of home, belonging, distance, love, grief and the mundanity of daily experience. In addition, each piece is located in a moment, as a way to bear witness to the year that was.

When: April 3 – June 12

Where: Website of GALLERYSKE


Decoding globalisation

What: Around the World with Joseph Stiglitz – a film by Jacques Sarasin is a hard-hitting documentary about the perils and promises of globalization. Nobel laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz takes a tour of the world which starts in his hometown of Gary, Indiana. As he travels the globe, Stiglitz explains that globalization is not only a story of environmental disaster and pressure on wages and working standards. There are countries which have managed globalization well and have found ways to make it work. This illuminating documentary – featuring one of the great minds of the twentieth century – is ultimately a message of hope.

When: April 26 – May 2

Where: Website of India International Centre

Solo show

What: Gallery Nature Morte presents a solo show of new works by the artist Parul Gupta. Titled “Still on the verge…” this is the first time the gallery is working with the artist and is her largest solo show to date. On view is a range of works: drawings on paper made from ink, charcoal, oil pastel, gold pigments, alone and in combinations; as well as sculptures of painted aluminium. Gupta’s visual language is born from minimalism and all of her works appear deceptively simple at first, but with time their complex programs and internal intensities become apparent. Drawings composed from overlapping parallel lines, in two and three colours, seem to defy perception, oscillating in front of the viewer and possessing a vibratory charge.

When: March 27 – May 31

Where: Website of Nature Morte

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