The beauty of glitches 


In its latest exhibition titles “Tremors”, Gallery 21 bringing artist Visakh Menon’s first solo exhibition to the people 

Over the last decade, New York based artist Visakh Menon has been exploring the impact of human-machine interaction over one’s perception. His meditative and repetitive practice focuses on the visual language of digital artifacts and the aesthetics of glitch, error and noise. 

Gallery Blueprint 12 is all set to present his work in the exhibition “Tremors”, Menon’s first solo show in India.

Compositionally these works are inspired by geometric abstraction and colour field paintings, the process transitioning from digital to traditional mediums of drawing and painting. The algorithmic aesthetics of these works pushes into focus both the functional (generative) and dysfunctional (glitch) nature of code as a tool for expression. 

“As efficient flow of information has become essential for the exchange of ideas, social interactions and political discourse in our networked society, his signal series of drawings explore concepts of structure and hierarchy as informed by the diagrammatic representation of command and control modules often seen in electronic systems, social networks, botnets, neural circuits, genome maps etc,” the curatorial note states. 


These works are also influenced by his interest in non-traditional graphic musical scores and representation of sound visually. Menon uses coloured inks and a porous rice paper to exploit the characteristics of these materials. His works resemble a brain scan or a heart monitor, their pulsing beats syncopated by contrasting colours.

Menon’s interdisciplinary practice spans drawing, video, installations, and media art. He currently also works as an independent art director and interactive designer and is an adjunct faculty with the Communications Design Department at NY City College of Technology (CUNY).

“We are very excited to present Visakh Menon’s first solo show in India. His meditative works talk of Glitches we all face in our daily life.  Covid was a glitch. Glitches in the system.  Hope his work will make people pause and think about their pace of life,” shares Mandira Lamba and Ridhi Bhalla of Gallery Blueprint 12.

The exhibition can be viewed at Gallery Blueprint 12 and also their website from August 5 to September 18


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