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Samyak Jain -July 10, 2020

No end to Delhi University students’ woes as landlords threaten to evict those who can’t pay rent On March 25, prime minister Narendra Modi announced a nationwide lockdown to contain the coronavirus outbreak. The same night, Pranav Vishnoi, a Delhi University student, was evicted from his rented place. Pranav lived alone in a private hostel […]


Samyak Jain -October 25, 2019

The suicide note left by Professor Alan Stanley mentions ‘depression’ and ‘misinformation campaign spread by media outlets’ as the reasons On October 20, Delhi Police recovered the decapitated body of Alan Stanley from the railway tracks near Sarai Rohilla Railway Station. Startlingly, his mother Lissy was found dead the same night, suffocated by a cloth […]