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-September 14, 2020

When the economy contracts by nearly a fourth, it’s bound to affect all our lives, one way or another. We just may not be aware of it India first declared its quarterly gross domestic product, or GDP, figures for the period April to June 1996. GDP is a measure of the economic size of a […]


-August 1, 2020

Are you wondering if home prices will fall in the post-Covid world? There’s something you should know: the real estate industry in India doesn’t want this to happen The film director Basu Chatterjee who recently died was known for making slice-of-life cinema. Among his lesser known movies is a movie called Kirayadar (tenant) which was released in […]


-May 16, 2020

Two days on from the prime minister’s announcement, the size of the economic package is already down to Rs 14.53 lakh crore The government is telling us it has come up with a Rs 20 lakh crore economic package to rescue the economy from the negative impact of Covid-19. This so-called Rs 20 lakh crore […]