Quenching Delhi’s thirst

- April 28, 2024
| By : Yusra Nazim |

From traditional favourites like Shikanji and Bel Ka Sharbat to unique beverages, Delhi's street vendors offer a refreshing respite for parched throats

REFRESHING: Sharbat-e-Mohabbat and Sharbat-e-Nafrat are two popular drinks

Amid the scorching Delhi summers, the quest for something cool and revitalising leads many to the bustling streets, where a plethora of refreshing beverages await. From traditional favourites like Shikanji and Bel Ka Sharbat to unique beverages, Delhi‘s street vendors offer a refreshing respite for parched throats.

Bel Ka Sharbat: A natural elixir to beat the heat, derived from the pulp of the bel fruit, Belgiri syrup reigns as a beloved summer refresher in Delhi. Laden with cooling properties and health benefits, this tangy drink blended with water and sugar provides a natural remedy against dehydration and aids digestion.

Sugarcane Juice: It stands as a time-honoured favourite among Delhi‘s street beverages. Extracted from sugar cane stalks, this chilled elixir delights with its natural sweetness, often heightened by a dash of lemon or mint. Bursting with natural sugars and essential nutrients, sugarcane juice serves as a revitalizing tonic, offering a sweet respite from the summer heat.

Shikanji: This zesty lemonade, is an iconic Indian summer cooler that captivates with its tangy taste and subtle spice undertones. Crafted from a blend of lemon juice, water, sugar, salt, and spices, this chilled elixir embodies the essence of Delhi‘s street food culture.

Jaljeera: This tangy tonic is a beloved Indian beverage and finds its place among the vibrant street offerings of Delhi. Infused with cumin, mint, black salt, and lemon juice, this tangy concoction delights with its cooling properties and digestive benefits. Served chilled, Jaljeera stands as a quintessential refreshment, beckoning both locals and visitors to savor its unique blend of flavors.

Mohabbat Ka Sharbat: With its romantic moniker translating to “love potion,” this drink entices with its sweet allure on Delhi‘s streets. Comprising rose syrup, milk, and basil seeds (sabja), this fragrant elixir offers a refreshing escape from the city’s heat. Embraced by locals and tourists alike, Mohabbat ka sharbat promises a delightful journey through Delhi‘s diverse culinary landscape.