From Madrasa to Masters: Darbhanga’s son and Jamia alumnus lands fully funded program in USA

- April 23, 2024
| By : Tahir Bhat |

Furqan's journey from madrasa to global academia reflects determination and opens doors for future generations of students

Mohammad Furqan

Furqan, a student with a madrasa background from Jamia Millia Islamia, has clinched a fully funded Master’s program in the USA. His selection for a Master’s in Peace Studies at one of the world’s leading universities in Indiana is being celebrated widely by madrasas and is a moment of joy for his family and loved ones. 

Post-studies, he aims to contribute towards the betterment of madrasa students.

Hailing from Darbhanga district in Bihar, Furqan graduated with a Fazilat degree, recognised as equivalent to a B.A. in Arabic & Islamic Studies, from Madrasa Alia Arabia, Fatehpuri Masjid, Old Delhi.

Speaking to Patriot, Mohammad Furqan shared, “In 2016, after completing my madrasa education, I pursued B.A. (Hons) in English Literature at Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), followed by a Masters of Arts in Islamic Studies, which I completed in 2023. Through a university program, I learned about this foreign scholarship opportunity, applied for it, and fortunately got selected. I’ve been chosen for the Masters of Global Affairs in Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, with a fully funded scholarship. The program spans two years, commencing in August.”

Furqan emphasised, “Students from madrasa backgrounds often lack awareness about such opportunities. I want to encourage them to explore and prepare for such opportunities. For me, it was not an overnight achievement but a result of around five years of planning and preparation since my admission to Jamia. The Madrasa Discourses Program played a significant role in shaping my profile.”

Reflecting on his inspiration and turning point, Furqan said, “Transitioning from madrasa to college life marks a pivotal moment. It entails adapting to a completely different environment outside the madrasa’s confines. Managing studies becomes crucial, especially since English and certain social science subjects were new to me. Despite the challenges, I qualified for the IELTS exam and have even published academic papers.”

As the eldest among four siblings, Furqan’s father works as a private teacher, while his younger brother has also studied at Darool uloom Deoband. Furqan acknowledged the support of his family and teachers, particularly Professor Waris from Jamia Hamdard University in Islamic Studies and the Madrasa Discourse Program, for their guidance and motivation. He expressed gratitude for their unwavering support, especially considering the financial barriers associated with studying abroad.

Looking ahead, Furqan shared, “Upon completing my Master’s, I aspire to pursue a Ph.D. and embark on projects aimed at bridging the gap between madrasa and college students, fostering inclusivity and equality within society.”