Murder most foul: The music died when a spurned lover snuffed out Sangeeta’s life

- May 26, 2022
| By : Anmol Nath Bali |

The family of Delhi singer Sangeeta, who was drugged, killed and buried by the side of a Haryana highway, is agitated that police has not registered a case of rape against the co-conspirators who have confessed to the crime

All photos by Anmol Nath Bali

“Now we are left with nothing,” says Kapil, brother of deceased singer Sangeeta alias Divya Indora. The family lives in Jaffarpur, a village on the outskirts of South West Delhi. On 22 May, Haryana Police found the dead body of Sangeeta, a Delhi-based YoutTuber and singer at Meham Bypass, Rohtak district. According to family members, Sangeeta went missing on 11 May.

According to Rohtak’s local media reports, Sangeeta’s body was found when a passer-by on the highway stopped to answer the call of nature and saw a hand buried in the ground. Subsequently, her mutilated body was taken to the hospital. According to doctors, there was a wound on Sangeeta’s head.

Sangeeta was also known by her stage name Divya Indora. She used to sing Haryanvi pop songs and songs on Dr BR Ambedkar.
“On 25 May, my sister was going to turn 30,” says Sangeeta’s brother. Sangeeta’s family is accusing the Jaffarpur police of negligence. Sangeeta often travelled to Meham, Haryana for recording songs.

In 2019, she came in contact with one Ravi. “They became friends and soon Ravi started loving my sister. Talk of marriage started because Ravi also belongs to our community but fell through. After this Ravi started annoying my sister and we filed a complaint at Rohini police station,” narrates Kapil.

In image: Kapil (in white gamcha)

“He had beaten my sister and also done misdeeds with her,” adds Kapil. A police complaint against Ravi landed him at Tihar Jail. According to the girl’s family, Ravi had started conspiring against Sangeeta in jail. After around two months of imprisonment, he secured bail and came out of prison.

Later Ravi married another girl but apparently his feelings for Sangeeta did not disappear. “He had even told my sister that I will divorce my wife to marry you,” says Kapil. When Sangeeta understood that Ravi was not the right guy, she broke off the relationship. “But he was still burning with rage; he conspired to kill my sister,” says Kapil.

On 8 May, Sangeeta went to Meham after she received a call for recording a song from Anil, the co-conspirator in the murder case. He promised her to pay Rs 2,000-3,000 but she returned home when Anil informed her that the studio executive was not available for recording.

On 11 May, Anil picked her up from Delhi to leave for Meham. On the way, they stopped for a meal at a dhaba on Rohtak-Meham road. “She was drugged by him. They must have mixed something in her food. While she was feeling dizzy, she received a call from her friend and she informed him about this”, says Kapil.

Unconscious Sangeeta was then made to lie in the backseat of the car and then the car headed towards Meham.
When she didn’t come back, family members went to the Jaffarpur police station. On 14 May, they filed a missing person complaint but the police did not take this matter seriously.

“We used to visit the police station daily to ask about the investigation in this case but the police used to give us answers like: “Hum apne hisab se kaam karenge, tumhare hisab se nahin” (We work in our own way, not according to your will”), informs deceased Sangeeta’s brother.

“If they had focused on this case and tried to find my sister on time, she would have been here with us,” says Sangeeta’s sister. On 16 May, she went to Meham to find her missing sister. She asked the dhaba owner to show her the CCTV footage but the eatery owner was not ready to show the recording without the local police’s intervention.

The next day, Kapil visited the dhaba and pleaded with the owner for the recording. Subsequently, he agreed to show the footage to Kapil. “What we were doing was the work of the police. They are all corrupt, what they wanted was money,” says Sangeeta’s cousin. The family of the deceased is now disappointed that the police have not registered a case of rape. “When her dead body was found, she was naked and her face was also mutilated. The police dragged their feet and filed an FIR only on 22 May, when my sister was no more,“ says the brother.

Bhim army protesting outside Jaffarpur police station.

According to the police investigation, this happened because of the strained relationship. She was killed and buried by the duo on 11 May. The police have registered a case under Section 365 (kidnapping with intent secretly and wrongfully to confine persons) of IPC at Jaffarpur police station.

On the other hand, family members are accusing the police of sheer negligence. When they felt that their voice was not being heard by the department, they approached Bhim Army. Activists of the Dalit rights group have protested with the family members of the deceased and dead body of Sangeeta outside the police station. Later, the body was cremated but still the family is not satisfied with the provisions under which police have registered the case against the conspirators.

The two accused, Ravi and Anil, were arrested in Meham on 22 May. They disclosed that they had hatched the conspiracy to kill the singer. Meanwhile, the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) has issued a notice to Delhi Police in connection with the incident. In the notice, the Commission demanded the FIR copy and details of the accused persons by 27 May.

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