Man strangles wife to death in Delhi

- September 18, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The deceased was identified as Draupadi by her 15-year-old daughter. There were bloodstains throughout the room, Deputy Commissioner of Police, northeast, Joy Tirkey said

A man allegedly killed his wife in their rented accommodation in northeast Delhi over suspicion that his wife was involved with another man and fled, leaving their daughter locked in a separate room, said police.

According to the police, the 15-year-old daughter’s cries prompted neighbors to contact the police on Sunday evening. In response, a police team was dispatched to the location.

Police said that the police team forcibly entered a room and discovered the lifeless body of the woman positioned face down beneath a bed.

The victim was identified as Draupadi by her 15-year-old daughter. The room was marked by bloodstains, Deputy Commissioner of Police for the northeast, Joy Tirkey said. Additionally, the deceased had an injury on her forehead, and a scarf had been used to encircle her neck.

The daughter informed the police that she had last seen her mother around 12:30 pm on September 16, and her stepfather, Sunil, had been absent since that day. An inquiry among the locals revealed that Sunil and Draupadi frequently engaged in disputes.

Further investigation disclosed that Draupadi had been previously married to a man named Jyotish Yadav, with whom she had four children. Three of these children reside with Yadav in Bihar, while Draupadi retained custody of one daughter. Sunil and Draupadi did not have any children together, according to the police.

The initial inquiry suggests that Sunil suspected his wife of having an affair with another man, leading to frequent arguments between the couple. The authorities are currently making efforts to apprehend Sunil, said police. (With inputs from PTI)