Three arrested for murder in Delhi’s Jafrabad

- June 10, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

25-year-old man, along with his two accomplices, was arrested in connection with the killing of his relative over a financial dispute in northeast Delhi's Jafrabad area

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Police have arrested a 25-year-old man and his two accomplices in connection with the murder of his relative in Jafrabad, northeast Delhi. The main accused, Zahid, along with Nazim and Soheb, was taken into custody.

Zahid, a resident of Maujpur, had borrowed Rs 10 lakh from his aunt, Shamim, but was unable to repay the debt despite repeated reminders. Tensions escalated over the financial dispute, leading to the tragic incident.

Police said that on Thursday, they received information about a dacoity taking place in a house at Ambedkar Basti Maujpur. Upon reaching the location, they discovered that three individuals had been injured and were taken to JPC Hospital by their neighbors. The injured parties were identified as Abbas (70), his wife Shamim (70), and their tenant Zahid. The house had been ransacked.

Abbas, the husband, informed the police that around 2:30 pm, four or five people forcefully entered their house, attacked them with knives, tied their hands, gagged them, and proceeded to rob the place.

During the investigation, Zahid, Nazim, and Soheb were interrogated. It was revealed that Zahid was Shamim’s nephew and had been residing on the first floor of the same house with his mother and brothers, operating a belt assembling unit.

Zahid had taken a loan of Rs 10 lakh from Shamim to establish his business. As he failed to repay the borrowed amount, Shamim repeatedly demanded the money back. Frustrated with the situation, Zahid devised a plan to rob his aunt. He shared the plan with his friend, Nazim, who introduced him to more associates. Although they had attempted the robbery twice before, they were unsuccessful.

The group of four individuals entered the house with the intention of robbing it. Zahid, who was already inside the house at the time of the crime, played a role in keeping the gate open. After the robbers left, Zahid pretended to be unconscious, as if he had been injured during the robbery.

The police are currently making efforts to apprehend the remaining suspects involved in the incident. (With inputs from PTI)