UP resident arrested for killing man in Delhi

- April 27, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

An expert crude bomb maker was arrested for allegedly killing a person to save his "guru" following a quarrel in east Delhi

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Police have arrested Santosh Kumar alias ‘Guddu Bumbaaz’, a resident of Prayagraj, for allegedly killing a person in order to protect his “guru” following a quarrel.

The incident occurred on March 8 in the Keshav Park area of CBD Ground. Kumar was identified as the culprit following an investigation into the incident.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Rohit Meena said that Kumar had a history of violence, including previous involvement in multiple murder cases.

He is known to be an “expert bomb maker” and had previously used a handmade bomb to kill a person in Anand Vihar in 2000.

“I am extremely pleased that the Delhi Police have apprehended this dangerous criminal,” said a senior police official.

“Kumar’s history of violence and expertise in bomb making makes him a major threat to public safety. We are relieved to have him off the streets and behind bars,” he said.

Kumar revealed that he considered the victim’s companion as his guru, and that he had stabbed the victim multiple times in order to protect him during a quarrel.

Following the incident, he fled to various locations across Uttar Pradesh, where he stayed as a vagabond and beggar.

The arrest of Kumar has brought closure to the victim’s family. “We are grateful to the police for their efforts in solving this case and bringing the perpetrator to justice,” said the victim’s brother. “We hope that this arrest will serve as a warning to others who might be contemplating violent crimes.”

The police are currently investigating Kumar’s further involvement in criminal incidents in Uttar Pradesh. (With inputs from PTI)