What makes Delhi’s electric bus service unique?

- August 24, 2022
| By : Jayali Wavhal |

With Delhi now looking at 250 operational electric buses serving its people, we take a look at some of the facilities that set it apart from other state public transport services

There are nearly 7,200 electric buses plying on the city roads. (Photo: Faisal Malik)

Today, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will flag off 97 new electric buses from the Rajghat II depot, taking the total number of electric buses in Delhi to 250. 

Here are the five features that make the electric buses in Delhi unique:

The buses operate efficiently with the help of GPS and live tracking, which makes the service much more convenient and time-proficient. 

Being 100% electric, these buses do not release any smoke and thus contribute towards making Delhi greener.  

Safety first
The buses are fully equipped with CCTV cameras and panic buttons. This is aimed at lowering the crime rates that often take place in crowded buses, where catching the criminal is almost impossible. 

Beating the heat
The buses are air-conditioned, providing much-needed relief to passengers during the extreme summers Delhi experiences every year. 

With an aim to make public facilities accessible to the differently-abled so as not to discriminate against anyone, the vehicles have a bus kneeling feature with ramps. While this facility is a bare minimum from the administration, the facility in Delhi’s electric buses has been found to be the most convenient according to several social media users.

And lastly, Delhi offers free rides on electric buses to women. However, this feature isn’t unique as some states, Like Tamil Nadu, too offer free bus rides to women. But although these free services in other states are limited to ordinary buses only, in Delhi, the rides are free for women for all buses on all days, thus ensuring their financial freedom and safety. Mahima, a beautician who works at a salon in Kalkaji, says, “I earn very less, and have to travel to the salon from Khan Market daily. Had it not been for the buses, I would have had to spend a considerable part of my salary on transport alone. But I take the free service instead, save enough money for myself and my family. It’s one financial burden less.”

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