AlIMS Delhi forms committee to streamline employees’ official travel requirements

- June 3, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

AIIMS New Delhi to engage one of the authorised travel agents as the official travel agent

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AIIMS, the premier medical institute in New Delhi, has established a committee to assist its employees in managing their air tickets and travel requirements for official work and leave travel concession (LTC).

The three-member committee will initiate an expression of interest (EOI) among Balmer Lawrie and Company Limited (BLCL), Ashok Travels and Tours (ATT), and the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) to select an official travel agent for AIIMS by June 30. This decision was conveyed through a memorandum issued by AIIMS Director Dr M Srinivas on Friday.

The chosen official travel agent will be responsible for operating a 24×7 travel desk at AIIMS premises, facilitating the booking of all air tickets that will be paid for by AIIMS. The travel desk will provide a dedicated helpline number and email address for continuous support.

According to the memorandum, once the travel desk becomes operational, AIIMS employees will no longer be eligible for airfare reimbursement.

The memorandum also highlights the issues faced by AIIMS faculty, officials, and staff, such as the significant amount of time and effort spent on booking air tickets for official visits and subsequent reimbursement. Instances of fraud and falsification in LTC travel claims have also been identified.

The committee’s formation aims to streamline the travel booking process, reduce administrative burdens, and enhance transparency and accountability in managing official travel and LTC claims. Dr Rima Dada, Professor in-charge of the media cell at AIIMS Delhi, emphasized these objectives.