“An identity is linked with the name.” Concerns over renaming of AIIMS Delhi

- September 17, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The government has proposed giving new titles to all 23 AII India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), including the one in Delhi. Faculty writes to Health Minister over the concerns regarding the name change

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences’ Faculty Association has written to Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya to express concerns on the suggestion to give the institution a new name, which they believe will result in the loss of the institute’s identity.

The government has proposed giving new titles to all 23 AII India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) institutions across the nation. The Faculty Association of AIIMS (FAIMS) recently asked faculty members for their opinions on the idea.

According to the letter the FAIMS sent to the minister on Thursday, the faculty members of the AIIMS, Delhi, were against changing the institution’s name.

In addition, it was stated in the letter that the AIIMS, Delhi was founded in 1956 with the triple goals of patient care, medical research, and medical education.

“An identity is linked with the name. If the identity is lost, institutional recognition is lost both within the country and outside”, the letter read. It gave examples of famous institutions in the world such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard universities.

If the plan is approved, the prestigious medical institute will suffer a significant loss of identity and demoralisation, according to the FAIMS.

The letter further read: “Hence, FAIMS requests you to please not consider any proposal for changing the name of AIIMS Delhi. This will help to maintain the premier and mentor institute status of AIIMS Delhi with respect to others in the country.”

Additionally, the FAIMS requested a meeting to address long-standing concerns about autonomy, on-campus housing, and administration reform (headship rotation) at AIIMS, Delhi.

The health ministry has created a proposal to name each AIIMS, including the one in Delhi, based on notable local or regional heroes, liberation fighters, historical occurrences, local landmarks, or their unique geographic character.


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