Armed robbers hold Delhi family hostage, decamp with 2 kg gold, Rs 1.3 crore

- May 9, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The incident took place in the early hours of Saturday. The accused are yet to be identified and no arrest has been made yet.

Photo: Pixabay

A group of five armed robbers targeted a businessman’s residence and allegedly decamped with Rs 1.3 crore and over two kilogrammes of gold, according to the police. The victim, who resides in Ashok Vihar, is engaged in paper trading, while his father used to work as a contractor.

Police said that the robbery took place during the early hours of Saturday when the masked assailants cut the window grilles to gain entry into the house.

Once inside, they forcefully awakened the family members, including the children, and held them at gunpoint in a room, they said, adding that the robbers, armed with guns and knives, then coerced some of the family members to reveal the whereabouts of the cash and gold within the house.

While a few of the culprits guarded the hostages, the others proceeded to ransack the house and seize the valuables. Before departing, the robbers issued threats of dire consequences if the family reported the incident to the police.

However, the family managed to free themselves and promptly filed a complaint with the authorities. CCTV footage captured the suspects leaving the premises around 2:45 am. Investigators noted that the robbers had conducted surveillance of the area in the days leading up to the robbery, suggesting the possible involvement of an insider.

The robbers also tampered with the CCTV cameras on and around the property, further supporting this suspicion, as per the police officer.

Efforts are underway to apprehend the culprits and recover the stolen assets. The police are also focusing on identifying any potential connections between the perpetrators and individuals with knowledge of the targeted property. (With inputs from PTI)