#AskDelhi: How will 5G affect your life?

- August 10, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

With Indian telecom giants achieving a milestone by launching 5G technology purportedly by the end of August, here is how Delhiites receive the transition that will make a huge difference in the way we employ technology

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Ali Saad
Student and community development head, Enactus, Jamia Millia Islamia

The advancing technology has made it vital for everyone to get access to a high-speed internet.  The Internet has become a significantly important part of our daily lives. That being taken into account, I personally made sure I bought a phone that can run 5G speed internet. It will make life much easier, connectivity would be more convenient, work would be easier and the issues of lagging would come to an end hopefully.


Muskan Singh
Student, Delhi University

5G means more than just faster speeds. It means that you can finally watch all of your favorite shows in 4K without buffering, which is great for those who like to binge-watch their favorite shows. 5G also means that you can take advantage of the latest VR technology and immerse yourself in a world of gaming and entertainment. And when you’re not using it for fun, 5G can help you get more done at work! You’ll also be able to enjoy the latest apps and games, even if they’re not available in your country yet—because with 5G, there’s no such thing as an international data plan or roaming charges. So even if you’re traveling abroad on vacation or business, your phone will still work seamlessly wherever you go.


Rounak Ali
Theatre practitioner and actor

5G has definitely been a game changer for me. It has not only accelerated upload and download speed, this robust technology has impacted my work as well as personal errands on a positive note. Now I can enjoy my favorite movies and Netflix nights at a superfast speed without an interruption. It’s definitely a great thing that has passively added quality to various everyday tasks.


Nishant Tomar
Student, Delhi University

In my opinion hype around 5G is somewhat true and false both. From a technical perspective, it holds the potential to supply high-speed connectivity upto 1 Gbps, low latency, lag-free video streaming at high picture quality and lag-free gaming among other benefits. It will also help in booming metaverse, 3D and crypto industry, but it all depends if telecom companies will be  available to provide the promised speed. We all are aware that reality is far more different. Currently, we have access to 4G but the speed is not consistently high. Also, to implement 5G in other areas like remote healthcare, we need good infrastructure that is easily accessible by a common man. Till then, 5G will only bring great speed, if at all, but for that also you have to upgrade your mobile devices.


Nitpreet Singh
Consumer rights activist

I’ve been using 4G for quite a while now, but at times I still struggle to get Airtel signals at places, my net stops working. Not to mention VI is not even in competition when it comes to signal hunt. I’ve to turn off and on my phone to receive net signals. I really wonder if that will be the same with 5G or not. I have had a few doubts about the 5G update lately. Will the companies change old sims of people still using 3G network or will they automatically be charged for 5G subscriptions without voluntary sim updations by the company? Will the companies be ethical here? Will the Ministry of communication, with its best IAS minds scrutinize this big matter closely or will it be ignored? Will there remain plans for 4G as well or will everyone be forced to buy big plans?    Although the telecom industry is trying to struggle their way out after Jio’s launch, this pain of 5G update will definitely be transferred to the shoulders of struggling citizens, especially when they’re at an attack from all possible dimensions of inflation.


Anas Saifi
Interior designer

This is not just about 5G. I believe what we have right now is enough for us. Like we had used 2G and 3G networks…at that time, we thought this was good enough for our work. But like time, technology also changes. Many of us think that we have enough, and we actually do; but some people don’t think that way. Nothing is ever enough for God’s most powerful and unsatisfied creature human. Humans can destroy anyone for their benefit, whether it is living or non-living. 5G affects our health, people are getting mentally weak due to this, and brain issues are so common nowadays. I would say that technology is gonna upgrade and the majority of people will support this.



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