Bomb scare at Jama Masjid, turns out to be a bag with religious books

- July 21, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Panic among the crowd at the religious monument punctured the traffic flow in the narrow streets of old Delhi

Photo - Faisal Malik

On Thursday evening, the ever so crowded Jama Masjid in old Delhi came to a pause when the Delhi Police received a call about a suspicious unattended bag found lying near gate 1 of the historic monument. 

The police rushed to the spot and secured all the surroundings with barricades, which wasn’t an easy task considering the size of the panicking crowd. 

A bomb disposal team with a fire brigade squad rushed to the spot to examine the unattended bag. After investigating the bag, it was found that the bag did not have any bomb. Instead, some religious books were found inside, which were handed over to the Jama Masjid authorities, the police stated. 

Allegedly, the bag belonged to a civilian who must have forgotten it or left it unattended for some time. Aware citizens immediately reported the unidentified object to the police. The masjid authorities have been asked by the police to return the bag to its owner.