Compromise reached on IIT Delhi fee hike

- September 5, 2022
| By : Rohan Chauhan |

After two days of fierce protest at the Delhi IIT, the administration has finally conceded to the students' demands and drastically reduced the fees, meeting them half-way

Photo: Rohan Chauhan

The administration has reportedly reduced the total fee to be paid by students to Rs 40,000 and the tuition fee to Rs 17,500. However, the students had originally called for the tuition fees to be cut to Rs 15,000, on which no clarification has yet been provided.
Students think this quick formula was only a ruse to end the protest before the President of India’s visit to Delhi IIT to inaugurate a lab. Patriot interacts with the students participating in the protest to get their demands met.

According to a second-year MTech student, “Our demands haven’t been fully met. Although the fee has been decreased to Rs 40,000 today, this is still a significant increase of Rs 14,000 over what we previously paid.”

He continues, “Although we were promised a solution by Monday, the problem with our tuition costs has still not been handled, and there has been no additional development as yet. However, we are confident that the meeting that will be held tonight will result in some encouraging announcements.”

Another student who participated in the demonstration informed Patriot that there was no written clarification requested from day one, but feared that the administration would reject their demands when the President’s visit ended.

He asserts that students don’t want to hold a demonstration again. “However, if we continue to experience neglect, it may be our only recourse. We will keep up the demonstration until our demands are satisfied”, he concludes.


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