Delhi Fire: three shops gutted at Amar Colony

- April 26, 2022
| By : Judith Mariya Antony |

Cause of the fire is being described  as a short circuit in the MCB board by locals

The fire site at Amar Colony Market burnt down multiple commercial outlets. Photo by Srajit M Kumar

A fire broke out at C-15 Amar colony main market Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. A total of 10 fire tenders were rushed to the site to put out the fire.

According to the fire department, the call was received at 2.40-2.41 pm, and no casualties or injuries have been reported yet.

 As stated by the fire department, the fire broke out on the first floor and spread to other areas. The initial reason for the fire is presumed to be the increase in temperature, but it is yet to be confirmed.

Three shops in the building – Muttu-South India Anna, Gopala Sweet Shop and Veerji Chaap Outfit – have been severely damaged due to the fire. 

“When I went out to get my lunch, I saw the burnt building and the crowd at one corner. The fire brigade was inside the building. When I talked with a person near the Biryani Corner, they said the fire occurred due to a short circuit. People who witnessed the incident said that there was an MCB board which short-circuited and the AC also caught fire which spread into the building,” said Srajit, one of the residents.

He added that he saw two or three ambulances arriving and public health department officials trying to assess the situation. In the last two months, Delhi has witnessed more than 10 severe fire accidents, out of which three were in landfills.

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