Delhi Jal Board plans to launch ‘revenue week’ to create awareness about lesser-known facilities

- December 14, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) will set up camps at various locations at their zonal offices where they will give demonstrations on how to do self-billing, read a meter and use the facility of temporary disconnection besides other facilities

The Delhi Jal Board plans to launch a ‘revenue week’ by the end of December to raise public awareness of the board’s lesser-known facilities.

The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) stated that in addition to other services, they will put up camps at different places at their zonal offices where they will demonstrate how to do self-billing, read a metre and use the temporary disconnection facility.

“During the ‘revenue week’ campaign, the DJB will set up camps in various locations across Delhi at the zonal offices. We will be providing information like how to read your meter. During self-billing, the individual does not know how to read the meter and they used to put the entire unit wherein an exorbitant bill was raised and later had to be corrected. So, if someone knows how to read the meter, these issues can be minimised,” a source at the DJB told PTI.

The source said there is a facility of temporary disconnection that is rarely utilised by the people despite some being away from their residents for one to two months.

“There were times when we observed that people leave their houses and go on vacations for two months or more and yet the bill used to be generated. However, the DJB also has the facility for temporary disconnection, but most people don’t know how to utilise it,” the source said.

A ‘maintenance week’ was also declared by the DJB on Monday, and it is anticipated to last for a week. To detect and resolve any issues, eleven more chief engineers from maintenance have been sent to their respective zones.

“As per the Delhi Jal Board, there are 11 zones wherein 11 additional chief engineers (maintenance) are posted and within their ambit, they have to identify critical areas regarding water and sewer issues and they have to address those issues there,” said a source.

The sources went on to say that the engineers stationed at the 11 zones would have to provide a daily summary of the data to the headquarters.

The DJB CEO has also directed all the officials to check the water and sewer network, identify how old the pipes are and when they have to be changed, the source said.

“Once the locations are identified then further action will be taken about it,” the source added.

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