Delhi: MCD eliminated 28 garbage vulnerable points, says Mayor Shelly Oberoi

- July 8, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Mayor Shelly Oberoi said that in the Rohini zone there are about 27 GVPs for which 10 FCTS machines are required to make the area 'Dhalao ghar' (secondary collection centres) free

Oberoi received all the votes accounted for by her party, while the BJP got three votes extra against its total strength. (Photo: Facebook)

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has removed 28 garbage vulnerable points (GVPs) across the city and is seeking proposals to install waste handling equipment like fixed compactor transfer station machines at these sites, officials announced on Monday.

At a press conference, Delhi Mayor Shelly Oberoi said that MCD officials in various zones have been directed to appoint nodal officers to supervise the elimination and beautification of the remaining GVPs.

A meeting with the deputy commissioners of the 12 MCD zones was held on Monday to review the progress in clearing the GVPs, she noted.

During the meeting, officials reported an increase in the elimination of GVPs compared to last year, Oberoi mentioned.

“In the West Delhi Zone, seven of the 12 GVPs have been eliminated, with two minor points having garbage collected within 24 hours by agencies. In the Karol Bagh zone, three of the 14 GVPs have been cleared and beautified with paintings, pots, and bins installed,” Oberoi said.

“In the Shahdara South zone, 14 out of 15 GVPs have been cleared, and in the South Delhi zone, three of the 33 GVPs have been beautified with ongoing work on the remaining points,” she said.

In the Central Delhi zone, one of the 17 total GVPs has been fully eliminated, and garbage from two to three points is collected within 24 hours. The city SP zone has no major GVP point, she added.

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Last year, MCD officials were instructed by the AAP government to identify and clear the GVPs to make Delhi garbage-free and improve sanitation, she said.

Proposals to install fixed compactor transfer station (FCTS) machines for handling solid and liquid waste have been invited at various locations.

“In MCD-managed areas, these machines will be installed, and we will negotiate with other agencies like DDA to get them installed on their lands,” Oberoi stated.

She further mentioned that in the Rohini zone, there are about 27 GVPs requiring 10 FCTS machines to eliminate ‘Dhalao ghar’ (secondary collection centres).

In the Narela zone, there is only one major GVP point from which garbage is collected daily, she noted.

“We have instructed officials to appoint nodal officers in every ward to oversee garbage collection and ensure beautification at the GVP points.

“Compared to last year, we significantly reduced the number of GVPs with the help of officials and public support,” she concluded. (With inputs from PTI)