Young artists get a platform to connect in Delhi

- July 8, 2024
| By : Idrees Bukhtiyar |

Manngadhant, an organisation promoting art and culture, is holding meet-up programmes at regular intervals for aspiring artists 

Pahaldeep, an artist while reciting her poetry

Delhi: Pahaldeep, 19, was reciting poetry titled Tukdon Ki Keemat at the Deer Park Lake, surrounded by lush green trees and people strolling by.

“I have been writing poetry since the very beginning and I tell stories through my poetry,” she told Patriot.

Pahaldeep was part of a meet-up programme of artists from Manngadhant organisation. The event focussed on an evening full of art and culture games, stories, performances, and meeting with like-minded folks. Around 20 artists from different genres of art were part of the programme. Some were students and working professionals. 

“I love to come to this meet-up whenever it takes place. I get to narrate my story and listen to other artists as well. Such gatherings teach you a lot of things to grow in life,” said Pahaldeep, who reads poets like Jaun Elia and Ahmad Faraz.

She dreams of entering the film Industry and writing songs. 

“I wrote two songs when I was in class 11 but they were raw. Now, I have improved. If I get an opportunity to work in films, I will surely go for it,” she added.  

Amisha Nautiyal, a young musician from Dehradun said that she attended the meet-up to socialise with people. 

“I got to meet new artists and see new talent. I also came to introduce my music to others and build a fanbase,” she said.

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Having studied classical music, her song Jane Na De featured in Spotify’s editorial playlist last year. 

“I have also been featured in ‘The Indian Music Diaries’, a website featuring amazing musicians of the country,” she said. 

She added that she wanted to do independent music in future.

Maya, 23, an illustrator said she likes to create character-designed sketches. 

“I came across this meet-up through a friend of mine. I was interested to see other talent at one platform to learn more and have new contacts,” she said.

Sanjana, a painter from Guwahati said that she is visiting the meet-up for the second time. 

“I come here to make new friends and a network. This networking helped me get a few projects recently,” she said.

Sanskar Jain, a 22-year-old guitarist from Delhi said that he came to play theatrical games at the meet-up. 

“Since I have been in touch with this organisation for some time, I also got to play guitar for the organisation’s theatre festival in Jaipur last year,” he said.

Artists playing the theatrical games

“These theatrical games are very helpful and refreshing. One gets to learn much from them,” he said before adding, “I also get to talk about music at a platform and perform in front of new artists belonging to a variety of genres.

“I get to show my photos and have discussions over this genre as well,” said Manpreet Singh, a fashion photographer.  

Karan Singh Gahlot, the founder of Manngadhant said that their organisation is a group of like-minded artists who help each other grow.

“Artists from different backgrounds and places join us. We all communicate and learn from each other. It also helps them in networking and building new connections,” he said.

“Many artists who are generally shy open up here and that helps them nourish their overall personality,” he added.

Manngadhant is a profitable organisation working in the field of art, culture, and theatre in different parts of the country. They have worked in cities like Jaipur, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Bangalore, Chandigarh, and Dehradun. They are looking to expand their network to other cities in the future.