Delhi to have India’s first virtual school: Here’s everything you need to know about remote schooling

- August 31, 2022
| By : Wara Samar |

On Wednesday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal rolled out India’s first virtual school — Delhi Model Virtual School — in a press conference

Arvind Kejriwal

Although the announcement of such a school was made in last year’s budget, it officially began on 31 August. The Delhi Model Virtual School (DMVS) studio has been set up at the Shaheed Hemu Kalani Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya, Lajpat Nagar.

Kejriwal spoke of the improvement in infrastructure of Delhi government schools on one hand. He recalled the introduction of many initiatives by the Delhi Government: happiness classes, deshbhakti curriculum, entrepreneurship classes, among others.

He reiterated that our mission is to make India number one in the world, which cannot be achieved until every child receives the best education. “This has to be done in a short span”, Kejriwal said.

Saying that this school is a revolutionary initiative in the field of education, Kejriwal asserted that there are many girls whose parents don’t allow them to go outside the four walls of their house. Then there are kids who are victims of child labour. This school is expected to help them the most, the Chief Minister stated.

Kejriwal holds that it was virtual classes during the Covid pandemic that inspired him to work on this initiative.

Although he believes that coming to school physically is the ideal practice, some children are unable to attend school for whatever reason. They can access education through this school.

He concluded, it might be one of the biggest initiatives of such a measure where a teacher would be able to teach thousands of kids at the same time.



When can one register for the school?

31 August – 4 September

Who can enroll?

Anybody across the country who has passed Class 8 from a recognized board is eligible to enroll under this program, irrespective of their domicile.

Which board is the school affiliated to?

Delhi Board of School Education

At what time will classes be held?

There will be a timetable for the classes. However, children can access the the learning resources and recorded sessions 24×7.

What is the eligible age?

13-18 years

Where can one register for admission?

What classes are open for admission? 

The school teaches Classes 9-12. However, admission for this session (2022-23) is open for Class 9 only.

Who has developed the schooling platform?

It is collaborative work by tech giants Google and School Net India. 

Do these teachers have a special qualification?

Only those who have been trained in virtual teaching will be part of this project.

How to login on the website?

You will be given a unique ID and password, which can be used to access every learning resource available on the website.

Will there be coaching for competitive exams?

Yes, students of Classes 11-12 will be made competition-ready for exams like JEE, NEET, CUET and others.

Will there be a library?

Yes, there will be a digital library with a huge repository of resources, accessible to all students at all times.


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