Delhi’s winter power demand reaches all-time high amid ongoing cold conditions

- January 10, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

According to real-time data from State Load Dispatch Centre, the peak power demand was 5,611 MW

The prevailing cold conditions in Delhi have propelled the national capital’s peak winter power demand to an unprecedented high of 5,611 MW on Wednesday, as stated by officials from distribution companies (discoms).

According to real-time data from the State Load Dispatch Centre, the pinnacle of power demand reached 5,611 MW at 11:08 am, marking a new record. Officials noted that the previous highest peak during winter stood at 5,559 MW, recorded on January 5.

Anticipating a surge, officials mentioned that Delhi’s peak power demand for this winter is likely to surpass 5,700 MW. This escalation, they clarified, is primarily attributed to increased electricity consumption by consumers for heating purposes.

Wednesday witnessed a minimum temperature of 7.1 degrees Celsius in Delhi, following Monday’s chilling low of 5.3 degrees Celsius, identified as the coldest day of the month.

Representatives from BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL), BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL), and Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (TPDDL) shared their successful handling of the escalating demands. BSES discoms managed 2,350 MW and 1,174 MW in their respective areas, while TPDDL met a record peak of 1,753 MW without network constraints or outages, despite the ongoing cold wave in northwest India.

Asserting their readiness for the season, company spokespeople highlighted proactive measures, such as securing long-term power tie-ups to meet demands and ensuring the reliability of equipment in low temperatures and foggy conditions.

They assured an adequate supply of power from long-term sources to cater to the escalating demand. Expectations point towards Delhi’s peak power demand surpassing 5,700 MW this winter, with daily demands consistently exceeding the 5,000-MW mark this month, except for January 2.

BSES discoms emphasized their commitment to ensuring a reliable power supply for nearly 50 lakh consumers during the winter months. Alongside long-term power agreements, they highlighted the substantial contribution of more than 2,000 MW of green power to secure reliable supply. This includes solar, hydropower, wind power, waste-to-energy, and rooftop solar systems installed in various regions of Delhi.

The spokesperson underscored that up to 60% of the maximum winter power demand in BSES areas, which exceeds 3,600 MW, will be met through green power sources. (With inputs from PTI)