DFS to offer online training sessions on tackling fire emergencies

- March 28, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

According to the data, 16 people lost their lives in fire incidents in January, another 16 in February, and 11 by March 26

Firefighters dousing flames

The Delhi Fire Services is set to introduce a groundbreaking initiative aimed at enhancing fire safety awareness among the residents of the city.

DFS chief Atul Garg announced on Wednesday that the department will inaugurate a “cutting-edge computer-generated simulation” to educate the public on handling fire-related emergencies effectively, commencing next week.

Garg emphasised the urgency of the matter, citing the unfortunate loss of 43 lives in fire incidents within the city limits this year alone.

These virtual training sessions mark a pioneering effort in India, slated to take place at the DFS stations in Rohini and Dwarka, Garg disclosed.

“The immersive experience provided by these virtual training centers will equip participants with the necessary skills to navigate live fire situations. With the aid of 3D glasses, individuals will learn firefighting techniques, including the operation of hoses and fire extinguishers,” Garg elaborated, mentioning that each lab can accommodate up to 20 participants concurrently.

Highlighting their efficacy, Garg drew parallels to their use in training fighter pilots for combat scenarios.

He further detailed that the simulators will dynamically replicate fire incidents, guided by experienced firefighters who will impart crucial knowledge on tackling such situations.

“Starting from April, these simulators will be operational and accessible to all free of charge. We’re particularly keen on offering these sessions to students and women, empowering them with life-saving skills,” Garg affirmed.

The training modules will encompass various scenarios, catering to specific challenges such as kitchen fires or gas cylinder explosions, with a focus on containment and effective use of firefighting equipment.

“These virtual training centers not only address concerns regarding pollution and safety but also aim to prevent injuries associated with conventional training methods. Our objective is to empower people with the ability to swiftly contain fires at their onset,” Garg said.

The installation of these state-of-the-art simulators comes at a cost of Rs 5.5 crore, Garg disclosed.

Official statistics from the DFS revealed that 43 fatalities and over 140 injuries have resulted from fire incidents in the national capital thus far this year.

Breaking down the figures, 16 fatalities occurred in January, followed by another 16 in February, and 11 by March 26.

Furthermore, January saw 51 fire-related injuries, while February recorded 42, and the tally reached 54 by March 26, as per the data provided.

Between January 1 and March 26, the DFS responded to 3,313 fire-related calls, underscoring the pressing need for enhanced fire safety measures within the community. (With inputs from PTI)