Emotions of life

- May 3, 2023
| By : Mohd Shehwaaz Khan |

The exhibition will be held at Open Palm Court from May 2 to May 7

A solo exhibition titled ‘Emotions of Life – II’ by Bhopal-based artist Anjali Prabhakar will be held at Open Palm Court from May 2 to May 7. Prabhakar, who has presented her work in many national and international exhibitions, draws inspiration from the experience and circumstances of people, while at the same time being in constant connection with her spiritual self.

She also works on folk art form – majorly Gond art – with her own fusion work. She has a particularly unique approach to portraying spirituality in a new light using abstract and contemporary forms, using rich deep tones with oil on canvas, depicting both the softer hues and the aggressive thoughts with a perennial effect.

Besides her artistic pursuits, she is also a known Reiki grandmaster, tarot card reader, numerologist, and therapist.

“Art is a reflection of our emotions and feelings,” said Anjali Prabhakar, a contemporary artist known for her thought-provoking artworks. “As a female artist, my thoughts revolve around the different aspects of a woman’s life – be it their work field, married life, or even as they grow. Through my Canvas, I portray the emotions and how they can be healed.”

“For instance,” Prabhakar continued, “elements like books added in a painting signify that every page has a different story, and no one can predict what’s next in life unless they turn the page. Moreover, I often include a key in my paintings, symbolizing that there is always an opening in life, no matter how stuck a person may feel.”

When: May 2 – May 7

Where: Open Palm Court, Lodhi Estate