Delhi doctor hangs self, suicide note indicates depression; experts stress on mental health

- September 1, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

A medical students hangs herself. Two empty packets of antidepressant medicine were also present inside the room. The statements of her friends were recorded, and no foul play is suspected, police said

He was declared dead by the jail doctors (Photo: Pixabay)

A resident doctor at Delhi’s prestigious Safdarjung Hospital took her life on Thursday, leaving behind a suicide note. In the moving note, she described her life as “toxic” and “worthless.”

Following preliminary investigation, the police suspect depression to be the cause of her death. They received information about the incident at 3:30 am on Thursday.

The student, a resident of Delhi, was residing at the MBBS Girls Hostel, Safdarjung Hospital.

The handwritten suicide note, found in her diary, read, “Meaningless, worthless, toxic, loveless, I don’t deserve any happiness in my life. Kabhi kuch thik nahin hoga (nothing is going to be fine) no matter how hard I try.”

On reaching the spot, police found the student of the Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital hanging by her neck with a scarf in a room in the hostel, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southwest) Manoj C said. The final-year student was doing her internship at the Safdarjung Hospital, the DCP added.

The room was locked from the inside and it was forcefully opened by her friends.

The student was escorted to the emergency department of the hospital where she was declared dead on arrival.

The family members of the student had also reached the spot and their statements are being recorded. Further inquest proceeding is underway, police added.

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People took to Twitter to express their grief, with some pointing out at the system’s flaws and the need to revamp.


In another tweet, Dr Datta, junior resident at AIIMS, New Delhi, emphasized on the need to improve mental health of young doctors before it gets too late.


Some colleagues are numb and unable to understand what could have gone wrong with the fellow.


Another person expressed grief at the saddening incident and emphasized on being kind with everyone as one doesn’t know what someone else might be going through.

One of the doctors opened up by saying that she no longer would recommend anyone to enter this profession anymore.


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