Five reasons why driving tests just became easier for Delhi

- August 8, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

The Delhi government is optimistic that the new modification in the test will reduce the failure rate of driving tests without compromising road safety

For every 100 applicants who appear for a test at one of Delhi’s 12 automated driving test tracks, more than 40 fail to qualify for a permanent driving licence. To reduce this failure rate without compromising on the aim of reducing road accidents, the Delhi government is introducing some modifications to the different tests.

The automated driving test tracks simulate tougher driving conditions where the entire range of an applicant’s skills is assessed. Hence, many applicants are unable to clear the test on the first attempt.

The changes, that were brought through an order issued on Friday by the Delhi government’s transport department, will come into effect from today.

  1. “Touching” the yellow line would not result in an applicant failing the test. Henceforth, applicants will only be failed if they hit a divider or kerb. “This change makes the test more objective,” said an official on the condition of anonymity.
  2. The time limit to test different skills has changed too. Applicants will now have 200 seconds to complete a “Reverse S” test instead of 180 seconds. The time allowed for parallel parking has been increased from 120 seconds to 150 seconds. 
  3. For the gradient test, applicants will be failed if they roll back by 18 inches, compared with the earlier limit of 12 inches. 
  4. Applicants for a permanent driving licence for a two-wheeler will be allowed to touch the ground with their feet twice. Earlier, if the feet touched the ground even once, the applicant would fail the test. The size of the circles to complete said test will all be of the same size.
  5. Boom barriers will be discontinued under the new changes implemented. “The purpose of boo barriers can be served by red lights without psychologically affecting the applicant”, said the official. 

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