HC asks woman to provide sanitary napkins in schools for 2 months to quash FIR against her

- October 2, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

In order to have an extortion case against her dismissed, the Delhi High Court required a lady to provide sanitary napkins to a girls' school for two months

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The Delhi High Court ordered a woman to donate sanitary napkins to a girls’ school for two months to get an extortion case dismissed against her.

The high court further instructed a lawyer who filed the extortion complaint to report to the Delhi High Court Legal Service Committee (DHCLSC) office and perform pro bono work (work done for the public good without charge) to the best of his ability and capability for the ensuing three months.

The FIR was dismissed after it was noted that there would be no benefit to prosecuting the complainant because the parties had already reached an agreement and wanted to put an end to their disagreement.

“However, I am of the view that considerable time of the police and judiciary has been wasted. The police machinery has been put in motion on account of the acts of commission and omission on behalf of the parties and useful time of the police which could have been utilised for important matters has been misdirected towards this case. Hence, the parties must do some social good,” Justice Jasmeet Singh said.

The high court said, “In this view of the matter, the FIR is quashed subject to the petitioner (woman) providing sanitary napkins to a girls’ school, which will be identified by the prosecutor, not having less than 100 girls from Class-VI to XII for a period of 2 months.”

The woman had asked the attorney to have a FIR that had been filed at Preet Vihar Police Station against her for suspected criminal intimidation and extortion quashed.

In the FIR, it was claimed that the woman had asked the complainant and her senior colleague for legal advice.

Despite providing the highest calibre professional services, the petitioner misbehaved and failed to pay their fee, which led to the filing of the FIR.

It is claimed that the petitioner also filed a police report (FIR) against the respondent attorney eight months before the current FIR.

A compromise between the parties was established during the pendency of the procedures, and they decided to put a stop to the FIRs and commit to working together to have the FIRs dismissed.

The matter was listed for compliance by the investigating officer in April 2023, and the court ordered that the necessary work be done within 4 weeks.


(With inputs from PTI)


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