Kasturba Nagar residents fear immediate demolition of their homes

- August 17, 2022

Kasturba Nagar is a slum area where people have built homes after decades of struggle. The DDA considers them encroachers and issues eviction notices

On 2 August, their houses were laid with a notice stating that they only had 15 days to evacuate from their homes in Kasturba Nagar, a colony housing approximately 1,200 families.

Over the years, people in the area have somehow managed to build their own homes. Most families who live here have small houses with multiple members living in a single dinky room. Few have amassed sufficient funds to construct large flat-style houses.

The sudden appearance of the notice alarmed the residents of the ghetto, which is mostly made up of working-class people. Residents have gathered in their neighbourhood to discuss how to deal with this unexpected situation. They are forming teams to visit the DDA offices, where they will draught applications and consult a lawyer.


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