Not freebies but efforts to building India no 1, free education and healthcare: Arvind Kejriwal

- July 16, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Arvind Kejriwal claimed on Saturday that his government's plans for free electricity, healthcare and education were not ‘freebies’ but rather efforts to create the groundwork for making India the most powerful nation in the world

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If it is God’s will, he declared, he will be able to provide free health and education services for everyone in the nation.

He made his comments after Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier in the day warned against a “revadi mentality” of giving away things in exchange for votes.

Kejriwal remarked that he will tell who is distributing ‘Revadis’ and giving out freebies, without mentioning anyone in particular. This waiving of friends’ loans for thousands of billions of dollars and receiving contracts for international tours constitute freebies.

The Prime Minister compared freebies offered by various parties in their bids for power to the popular north Indian sweet known as “revadi,” which is frequently distributed during festivals. He advised the populace, particularly the youth, to be wary of these promises.

Kejriwal at a news conference stated that with prompt free treatment provided to accident victims harmed in injuries, the Farishtey initiative helped save 13,000 lives. If Kejriwal is giving out “Revadis” or doing something good, ask their families, he adds.

He claimed that the nation currently practised two types of politics: one based on integrity and the other on corruption.

Giving everyone access to quality healthcare and education will lay a solid basis for India to become the world’s most powerful nation, stated Kejriwal.

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