Light rain likely in Delhi today, maximum temperature likely to settle at 37 degrees Celsius

- August 21, 2023
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Delhi has recorded above normal rainfall in the last four months and the cumulative precipitation this year so far has already equalled the yearly quota of 774 mm

Photo: Pixabay

The nation’s capital, Delhi, is poised to experience a brief respite from the relentless heat as meteorological authorities forecast light rain showers for Monday.

While the anticipated rainfall might offer some relief, city residents are expected to grapple with high humidity levels, potentially causing discomfort.

According to data from the Safdarjung Observatory, the primary weather monitoring station in Delhi, the minimum temperature for the day settled at 28.4 degrees Celsius, surpassing the norm by two notches.

As the sun climbs the sky, the maximum temperature is projected to reach around 37 degrees Celsius, adding to the prevailing warmth.

Weather experts from the India Meteorological Department (IMD) indicated that the city might encounter sporadic light rain over the next forty-eight hours.

However, these showers are unlikely to have a substantial impact on the prevailing temperatures, an IMD official said.

Over the past four months, Delhi has witnessed above-average rainfall, with cumulative precipitation for the year thus far equaling the annual average of 774 mm.

Notably, the ongoing month of August has stood in stark contrast, recording a substantial deficit in rainfall. The total precipitation for the month has fallen short by a staggering 85 percent in comparison to the expected levels.

As residents brace themselves for the potential relief offered by the impending rainfall, the high humidity levels remain a challenge.

The city continues to endure the climatic fluctuations that mark this transitional phase between monsoon and post-monsoon periods. (With inputs from PTI)