Man accused of attempt to murder acquitted by the court

- August 3, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Rashid Ali, a man accused of attempt to murder, gets acquitted by the court after the complainant and alleged victim fails the testimony

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A man booked for attempted murder case six year ago has been acquitted by the court. As per the court judgement, the testimony of only one witness, who was also the complainant and alleged victim, does not hold any credence.

The prosecution’s entire case falls apart when seen in the context of all the relevant facts and circumstances. The prosecution has totally failed to prove the charge of attempted murder against the defendant under Section 307 of the IPC, said Deepak Jagotra, Principal District and Sessions Judge.

The relief was granted to Rashid Ali, who was accused of attempted murder by the alleged victim Vipin in 2016.

The judge also stated that though the victim had initially indicted the accused as the assailant, he could further prove it.

During cross-examination, the complainant totally failed his testimony. He completely let go of the accused as the one who had committed any crime. The judge concluded that the alleged victim exonerated the accused.

Any perspective on the case would show that the prosecution’s case was weak. In this instance, neither the police officer nor the star witness’ testimony supports or corroborates the other’s testimony in any way. The judge declared that there is no way in which the prosecution’s case could possibly succeed.

The judge acquitted the accused because the prosecution was unable to establish its case against him beyond a reasonable doubt.

As per the prosecution, the accused allegedly used scissors to inflict severe injuries on the shopkeeper and complainant Vipin three times on April 4, 2016, after being served tea in broken glass.

At the Pandav Nagar police station in East Delhi, a FIR was subsequently filed against the defendant under Section 307 of the IPC.

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