MCD’s first engineered landfill opens in Delhi’s Tehkhand

- March 13, 2024
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Spread over 15.47 acres of land, the garbage disposal plant was built for Rs 42.31 crore with assistance from IIT-Delhi. It will help eradicate pollution and ensure cleanliness in the city, an official statement said

Engineered Landfill of Municipal Corporation in Okhla Tehkhand

Delhi Lieutenant Governor V K Saxena and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday jointly unveiled an engineered landfill site in southeast Delhi’s Tehkhand, aimed at scientifically managing solid waste.

Spanning 15.47 acres, the waste disposal facility was constructed at a cost of Rs 42.31 crore, with technical support from IIT-Delhi. The initiative is expected to combat pollution and uphold cleanliness in the city, as per an official statement.

The engineered landfill site is poised to alleviate the burden of waste accumulation and streamline the disposal of ash from energy plants, the statement highlighted.

“Previously, ash was indiscriminately disposed of on these waste mounds, amounting to approximately 500 tons daily. However, with the new facility, ash from waste-to-energy plants will be channeled to the engineered landfill site,” the statement elaborated.

A key feature of the site is a 100 KLD leachate treatment plant, aimed at enhancing waste decomposition through an innovative process, the statement added.

Leachate, the liquid byproduct from landfills, often a result of rainwater percolating through the waste, poses environmental concerns.

Kejriwal hailed the inauguration of the engineered landfill site as a pivotal stride towards sustainable waste management and environmental preservation.

“Today, alongside Delhi LG Vinay Kumar Saxena, we unveiled the new Engineered Landfill at Municipal Corporation in Okhla Tehkhand. This advanced facility will include mechanisms to process ash generated post waste disposal, utilising 15 acres of developed land. Our relentless efforts aim to render Delhi pollution-free and clean, and we’re seeing tangible progress,” Kejriwal shared on ‘X’.

“Under the Swachh Bharat Mission 1.0 of the Government of India, the construction of this ELFS, built at a cost of Rs 42.31 crore, commenced on 30.9.2021. The commissioning of this state-of-the-art facility will significantly contribute to scientific garbage disposal,” Saxena stated in a post on ‘X’.

Per the statement, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) will receive Rs 300 per ton for ash disposal, with around 500 tonnes estimated to be deposited daily.

The bottom of the modern engineered landfill site is constructed with five layers, featuring a depth of 7 meters and a specialised leachate drainage system.

“This design ensures groundwater remains uncontaminated from leachate and mitigates air pollution,” the statement emphasised.

With a lifespan of 6.5 years and a total capacity of 9.65 lakh metric tons, the landfill site is fortified with a 3.5-meter-high perimeter wall, ensuring waste containment and security.

Currently, the MCD operates three landfill sites in the city, with plans to clear the Okhla site by the end of the year. The Bhalaswa site is targeted for clearance by 2025 and the Ghazipur site by 2026. (With inputs from PTI)