Private entities lifted over 8,000 MT of inert, C&D waste from Delhi’s landfill sites

- August 25, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

Private entities have lifted over 8,000 metric tonnes (MTs) of inert material and construction & demolition (C&D) waste from the three landfill sites of the capital at their own expenses, an official statement from the Lieutenant Governor's office said on Thursday

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These results come after LG VK Saxena’s direction to MCD to allow the use of C&D waste and inert material from landfill sites to private entities and individuals without any cost.

“Orders for 10,500 MTs of inert and C&D waste has been received from private entities of which 8421.75 MTs has already been lifted by them from landfills at their own expenses. The MCD has so far saved over Rs 42.11 lakhs in disposal of 8421.75 MTs of waste, which it would have incurred otherwise,” the statement read.

The C&D waste can be incorporated in filling low lying areas, base of buildings, creating interlocking blocks, road construction among other uses. The space cleared after emptying inert material can be used for setting up more trommel machines at landfill sites, which will lead to faster waste processing.

The LG has often called the heaps of garbage as national shame and requested the public for their active participation and propose ways to decrease the height of three landfill sites — Ghazipur, Okhla and Bhalswa.

The LG had visited the Ghazipur landfill site on 29 May and after supervision, he had urged officials to explore the possibilities of disposal of inert and C&D waste with public-participation.

Due to regular dumping of waste for the last 35-40 years, mounds of garbage at these landfill sites have become “garbage mountains” with a height of 50-60 metres. The capital’s three landfill sites cumulatively contain 280 lakh tonnes of garbage.

The LG had addressed the MCD to issue a public appeal in which the Corporation had requested the residents, construction agencies and other players to optimally use the C&D waste and inert material for construction purposes.

The appeal first made on 21 July and then on 4 August has borne fruitful and encouraging results with people of Delhi-NCR and different agencies warming up to the idea to use the C&D waste and inert for their own use and ordered to lift 10,500 MTs in less than a month, the statement said.

As per civic officials, Delhi cumulatively generates approximately 11,400 metric tons of garbage out of which around 6,200 metric tons is dumped at these three landfills.

The remnant 5,200 metric ton garbage is processed locally with the use of compactors and Waste-To-Energy plants.

While this exercise is saving costs for MCD, it is also ensuring that the height of the garbage mounds is decreased, it added.

Earlier the MCD was bearing an average cost of Rs 500 per MT for transportation of inert and C&D waste from landfill sites to construction sites but now, agencies/people are lifting inert and C&D waste from the landfill sites at their own expenses.

The statement said that at the current rate, the MCD has saved about Rs 42.11 lakh in disposal of 8421.75 MTs of waste, which it would have incurred otherwise.

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