Rising crime rate in Delhi-NCR raises several concerns on safety and security

- September 16, 2022
| By : Ali Fraz Rezvi |

Delhi has reported a total of 3140 crimes until July this year as compared to the 290 crimes that were reported last year

On Thursday morning, a shocking incident was reported in the Jaffarpur Kalan neighbourhood of south west Delhi, on a route that connects the villages of Samaspur Khalsa and Kazipur. Around 9 am, a 38-year-old ambulance driver was shot and killed by two unidentified individuals.

According to the police, the deceased, who was later identified as Sunil, was a resident of the Dhansa village. “Sunil was shot by two individuals while riding a motorcycle home from work”, said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Dwarka) M Harsha Vardhan.

A senior police official stated, “Sunil was returning from his work on a motorbike when two other people who were on a motorcycle as well opened fire. The case has been registered and on the basis of the CCTV footage, a special team has been constituted to investigate the matter.”

With the death of Sunil in broad daylight, Delhi’s safety and security are once again in question. According to the data released by Delhi Police in August, the city has registered a spike in the number of heinous crimes as compared to last year’s record. The national capital region has seen a 13% rise in the first half of the year 2022. Delhi has already reported a total of 3,140 crimes until the month of July as compared to the 2,790 crimes reported last year.

The city witnessed around 277 cases of muder in the year’s first half. 

When Patriot approached the Delhi Police in this matter, a senior official stated that the increased crime rates are due to the rising misunderstanding and decreasing patience among the common people. 

“There are no criminals being born in, or being imported to Delhi. They are the people who belong to our society and are our very own people. The Delhi Police is trying its best to keep the situation under control”, stated a police officer, dodging the other questions with the statement that the investigations are going on. 

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