Siesta in the morning: Delhi summers take a heavy toll

- May 9, 2022
| By : Shruty Yadav |

With aggravating summer heat, many in the capital prefer to stay indoors. But what about those who eke out a living outdoors? Roadside tailors and shikanji sellers are just a few of those who are bearing the brunt of a difficult summer without adequate rewards

Summer unhinged/Shruty Yadav

At the entrance of Lajpat Nagar’s Amar Colony market, a man sits with a tailoring machine, a chair, and an umbrella to protect himself from the heat. A tailor by profession, he is often seen sewing clothes at minimal rates.

Earlier this week, around 11 am, he was spotted resting under his umbrella. There were no customers in sight. With the maximum temperature at 39 degrees Celsius that day, it seemed that the heat was already unbearable for him. Moreover, with hardly any takers for such services and products, especially amid rising inflation, day-time remains awfully dull for such vendors in these local markets.

Every next vendor or service provider in Delhi is complaining about the heat as well as the rising prices of several commodities. The only takers of any business in the city can be seen at a few juice outlets, sugarcane stalls and ice-cream stalls besides a few elderly people or health-conscious youngsters at the coconut water stall.

Vendors say that business has been average, and not many people step out. The bustling Amar Colony market only comes to life in the evening hours these days. Many businesses remain closed in daytime and open only in the evening after 4-5 pm.

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