The word “accident” replaced with “crash” in Delhi Traffic Police report

- September 17, 2022
| By : Patriot Bureau |

In its annual report on traffic safety, which was formerly titled "Road Accidents in Delhi," the Delhi Traffic Police has changed the word "accident" to "crash"

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According to a statement, the Delhi Traffic Police has changed the word “accident” to “crash” in its annual report on traffic safety, which was earlier titled “Road Accidents in Delhi.”

The Delhi Road Crash Report, 2021 was introduced on Friday by Delhi Police Commissioner Sanjay Arora. The crash was used for the report for the first time in this instance.

According to the statement, field officers examine crash sites for characteristics like slopes, embankments, road curves, road surface, line of sight visibility, angle of crossings, etc. that can cause collisions.

Then, it claimed, they submit suggestions for enhancing road construction and design through the traffic engineering cell.

These ideas can be short-term and have immediate results, like speed-reducing strategies, new road markings, the installation of cautionary and educational signs, adequate lighting at the location, and the installation of reflective devices (CAT eyes, road blinkers, thermoplastic road markings, reflective bollards, etc).

Other short-term actions taken by the field officers included nose protection, altering or changing traffic flow, and installing fencing on the side of the road or on a barrier, according to the report.

The research also identifies the long-term solutions to the location’s traffic-related issues (regulation and accidents).

Some of these suggestions include building an underpass or footbridge, creating a pathway, creating a proper platform for waiting and boarding pedestrians, creating service lanes, and altering the route of buses or other transportation vehicles.

The research added that a few other examples of these actions include moving bus stops, closing road cuts, creating an oval roundabout, and performing back-to-back U-turns.

According on their analysis, the field officers recommended these remedies to the relevant authorities.

Out of 77 crash-prone zones in 2020, 45 of the places indicated did not meet the aforementioned standards and were not included in crash-prone zones of 2021, according to the research.


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