Video: Kankhajura found inside Amul ice cream ordered online in Noida

- June 15, 2024
| By : Saurav Gupta |

In Noida, a woman discovered a centipede inside a family pack of Amul ice cream ordered online. The incident, captured on video and shared widely on social media, has raised serious concerns about food safety.

Noida: In a disturbing event in Noida, a kankhajura (centipede) was found inside a family pack of ice cream ordered online, following a previous incident where a human finger was discovered in ice cream in Mumbai’s Malad. A woman from Sector-12, identified as Deepa, ordered ‘Amul Vanilla Magic’ ice cream from Blinkit for Rs 195. When she opened the pack to prepare a mango milkshake for her children, she was horrified to find a centipede frozen inside.

Deepa recorded a video of the incident, which quickly went viral on social media. The footage clearly shows the centipede embedded in the ice cream. Fortunately, she noticed the insect before mixing the ice cream with the mangoes, preventing her children from consuming it.

Amul, a well-known brand for dairy products such as cheese, paneer, yogurt, lassi, and ice cream, is facing backlash as this incident undermines consumer trust. Customers expect higher standards from such a reputed brand.

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Reports suggest that Blinkit refunded Deepa’s Rs 195 and mentioned that Amul’s manager would contact her. However, Deepa has refuted these claims, stating she neither received a refund nor heard from Amul. She expressed her distress, emphasizing the potential harm had her children ingested the contaminated ice cream. This incident raises concerns about the safety and quality control of food products ordered online.

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