Woman dies by electrocution at New Delhi Railway Station

- June 26, 2023
| By : Mohd Shehwaaz Khan |

Sakshi Ahuja, a school teacher who lived in east Delhi’s Preet Vihar, was going to catch a train to Chandigarh

A woman died of electrocution after accidentally coming in contact with a live wire at the New Delhi Railway Station complex on Sunday.The deceased was identified  Sakshi Ahuja.

According to the police, she died from electrocution after accidentally coming in contact with a live wire during rainfall.

The incident took place near exit gate number 1 of the station when Sakshi Ahuja and her family were on their way to board a train to Chandigarh.

Sakshi Ahuja, who was a teacher at Lovely Public School, Priyadarshani Vihar, Laxmi Nagar, lived with her family in Preet Vihar. It was reported that she lost her balance due to the rain and grabbed an electricity pole to prevent a fall. Unfortunately, she came in contact with exposed wires lying at the spot and suffered a fatal electric shock. Despite the efforts of the police team and medical professionals at Lady Hardinge Medical College Hospital, she was declared brought dead.

Following the incident, the authorities expressed concern and announced plans to conduct a safety audit of all-electric poles and electricity infrastructure at the station to prevent similar incidents in the future. Madhvi Chopra, Sakshi Ahuja’s sister, filed a complaint alleging negligence on the part of the authorities. The police registered a case under sections 287 and 304 A of the Indian Penal Code against unidentified persons and initiated an investigation.

Sakshi Ahuja’s family blamed the authorities for negligence, stating that the exposed wires were a hazard that had not been addressed despite being located on a main road outside the railway station. They also mentioned that the streets were waterlogged, making the situation more dangerous. The family attempted to rescue Sakshi using wooden sticks but were unable to save her. Sakshi Ahuja’s father expressed his disappointment with the lack of assistance from bystanders who feared getting electrocuted.

Sakshi Ahuja is survived by her husband, Ankit Ahuja, who works as an engineer, and their two minor children. After the post-mortem examination, the family performed the final rites on Sunday evening. (With inputs from PTI)